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FREE 60-minute behavioral strategy session 

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 60-Minute Behavioral Strategy Session Call and we’ll show you step by step how to turn your team into a persuasion powerhouse fueled by behavioral science. 

Tell us about yourself so we can get in touch and have a productive call

A summary of what you will get

  • We'll show you how to begin any persuasion attempt so you are immediately on the path to success. 

  • We'll diagnose the obstacles you are facing right now, helping you see what you've been missing and revealing quick wins to improve your effectiveness.

  • We'll come up with a roadmap to dramatically increase your team's understanding of behavioral science and their ability to use that for your own specific challenges.

  • We'll share documents to guide your team's work so you never miss a critical behavioral driver again.


Ana Antonovici

Social Media Manager, Oracle

I’ve tried using a lot of the concepts and they really work. There’s a lot of principles you can use to change the buying decision of a customer, or to make them feel closer to you.


Above everything else the training is about how you can actually be closer to the customer, how you can put yourself in their shoes to understand their needs.


Andra Sima

Marketing Manager, Unilever

It was the best way to use two days.

The course gives you very specific models and frameworks which you can apply easily. It’s very practical.


The exercises help you find solutions you maybe never though of, which can really make a difference for consumer behavior.

elena f.jpg

Elena Filip

Co-founder, Accelerole

A more intense experience than I expected.

I actually read a lot of behavior change books before, but still it was a lot of new information, and it was structured so I could see how to apply it in the businesses and with the teams that I work with right now.


You get worksheets, practical examples every hour and I’m going back to the office with concrete ideas I can apply as of Monday.

Considering this was just two days, it’s really WOW!


Andrei Gheorghiu

Relationship Manager, Corporate banking

Very professional presentation and materials. The  other people were great. You could learn a lot from the other participants. The training offers you concepts you can use immediately.


I work in corporate banking so I’ll use what I learned to reshape the documents I share with clients before or after engagements so the relevant information gets through and sticks with them.

Elena Cîrîc.jpg

Elena Cîrîc

Head of Social Media, gmp+webstyler

Sergiu made us play and think. I’ve learned a set of principles that I can apply in various professional or personal contexts.


Since I find them useful, I will definitely share the Behavior, Habit and Experiment cards with my colleagues.


Oana Boia

Owner, Mom O'Clock

The course exceeded my expectations. We’re new entrepreneurs and it was really helpful to apply the models we learned about to our new business.


We’ve just started a crowd funding campaign and the training helped us design and communicate packages in a much clearer way for consumers.


Cosmin Stan

Digital Coordinator

Given my position, working on loyalty mechanics for consumers, this training represents a great tool to better my activity and to create sense and meaning in the activities I do for them.


I strongly recommend this to whomever enjoys being reminded that, although we tend to think that we know it all, we actually know only a piece”

Loredana Cojocariu.png

Loredana Cojocariu

Product Owner, eMAG

A very informative and eye-opening course. Working in the e-commerce industry, I found this program really relevant as it presented behavioral foundations for understanding and navigating the online landscape, as well as tools and principles that can easily apply to digital marketing, including online advertising.


I have already been able to employ a part of the tips I learnt, with great results. I strongly recommend it.

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